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Essential for any Blackpool stag party, Pleasure Beach wristbands enable the wearers to enjoy unlimited rides for a whole day. Be big kids for the day, blow off steam and scare yourself stupid on rides like The Pepsi Max Big One and the iconic Grand National, which has grown men screaming like girls!

We're big fans of Infusion, the world's first five-loop rollercoaster suspended over water. If that doesn't scare the beejaysus out of you, check out Ice Blast. This bad boy catapults brave souls straight up a steel tower at 80mph before plunging back down to terra firma.

Of course no Blackpool stag party Pleasure Beach day would be complete without a go on the infamous Revolution. This looping coaster has just been revamped and goes faster than ever.

Emerge buzzed up and ready to hit the bars and club in full force!

Availability: March-November.

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