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If you're looking for something a bit different from a standard restaurant, try a brewery dinner. Stag party dinners don't get any better than this, folks. Your group will feast like kings on generous portions of hearty dishes.

Forget tiny little parcels of meat and fish served with a pea and a smear of foam on the side. Back off food critics; this is the antithesis of fine dining! A stag party brewery dinner involves man-friendly food, like roasted ham hock marinated in beer and slow-roasted over a spit. Feel the juices dribble down your chin and mop 'em up with fresh, home-baked bread accompanied by huge pickles, mustard and horseradish.

Scoff the lot whilst quaffing a couple of 5-litre beer giraffes. Belch appreciatively. Job done.

Your stag party traditional brewery meal includes: food, booze, return transfers, and a local guide.

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