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Think you’re an expert marksman? Want to show off your gunmanship and technique to the stags? Now’s your chance, with an arsenal of assault rifles and tactical courses to whet your trigger-happy appetite.

Lock andload some serious stag party fun with the baddest motherf*cker of an afternoonactivity on the planet! You'll be going up against your fellow stags in astraight-up shootout to find out once and for all who's got the sniper's eye.And the best bit? You're using genuine assault rifles, the kind of heavyartillery you just can't get back in good old Blighty.

Set anAK-47 to semi-auto to clean up the targets with 10 second bursts of deadly fire.Squint through the sights of an SA-80 and squeeze off single rounds with lethalaccuracy. Confirm your kills, reload, set up new targets and rock and roll allover again. It’s safe, it’s fun, it’s like playing Call of Duty – only withoutthe loading times.

Get involved in the action

Assaultrifle afternoons have it all: beautiful surroundings, healthy competition andserious weaponry. Forget setting up your Xbox controller for quick reloads.When you're frantically chambering live rounds in the heat of a frantic snipercontest, you'll be closer to the action than you've ever been.

Bond withthe boys and blow stuff to bits. It's the ideal stag party activity! Shootingexperience days are a great laugh for even the most pacifistic of stags.

Typically,assault rifle afternoons include transfer to and from the shooting range,safety equipment and a safety briefing, and expert instruction throughout theshoot.

Forsimilar – but perhaps even more hardcore – experiences, why not try out machine gun shooting or hardcore shooting, both available in our catalogue? Gun nutsnever had it so good – and you can treat the groom to target shooting with adifference.

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