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The deadliest weapon of all time is now part of your stag do arsenal. Lock the quarrel in place, take careful aim and feel the involuntary shiver in your nadgers when it hits the target at more than 200mph. This is the big league, fellers, and it's a long way from a round of arrers down the local pub!

Crossbows were used extensively in armed conflict throughout the Middle Ages - they're the reason knights stopped wearing armour and wielding swords. Now, you get to control the awesome power of the light mechanical bow, which is illegal in some countries and still considered to be one of the most frightening weapons ever built.

You'll be using official competition or hunting crossbows, which, while heavier than a traditional longbow, are way more powerful and accurate. Your crossbow bolt is fired using a trigger mechanism, just like a sports rifle. Aiming is easier, because you look down the barrel of the bow instead of looking through the upright stave of a longbow.

If the boys on your stag do have fired plenty of guns before, or you just want to do something that's as much fun as rifle shooting but more off the wall, crossbow shooting hits the target. It's great for banter (no ear defenders), and gets well competitive. Fancy it?

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