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Just when you thought firing a bow and arrow couldn't get any more manly, they went and put explosives in the target! That's right, gents. When you fit exploding archery into a stag weekend, you don't just sign up to loose off a few darts. You get to blow the bullseye to kingdom come. Rah!

The exploding archery target is a work of pure genius. Special pyrotechnics ignite on impact, burning up the circles in a blaze of smoke and sparks. You'll feel like you just put a village to the sword, as your barbarian horde sweeps through the countryside leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

They say you should try to do something unique on your stag weekend. It doesn't get much more original than reviving the art of medieval warfare! Perfect your draw, concentrate on the centre ring, and remember to breathe smoothly when you let the arrow fly. If you've adjusted properly for wind direction and speed, you'll be rewarded with a firework display of epic proportions!

Archery takes a combination of strength and control. The more you shoot, the more you'll want to go back for seconds. So get into some warrior fancy dress, and let all those pre-wedding worries go up in smoke. Boom!

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