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Stag do target shooting offers the tantalising prospect of trying something you can't do back in Blighty. You're off the leash and far away from home so take advantage of the legal shooting possibilities! Let rip with iconic firearms at the gun range for a supercharged stag.

Experienced, qualified instructors will show you how to hold, load, aim and fire a selection of guns safely. The guns you'll be using will vary according to location. Exact details are supplied on enquiry. To give you an idea, here's a selection of guns available for shooting sessions in Europe:

Beretta, Glock, Kalashnikov, Magnum, Makarov, Margo, Remington, Sigsauer, Smith & Wesson, TT, and Winchester rifle.

Stag do target shooting sessions include:

Safety briefing and professional instruction
Ear defenders
Return transfers

Adopt the correct stance, keep your eye on the target and squeeze gently. A cool head under pressure, sharp wits and a steady hand will see you win the title of sharp shooter. Skill, focus and patience trump speed and adrenaline when it comes to stag party target shooting events. Fall into the itchy trigger finger trap and walk away with the wooden spoon.

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