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One of the best reasons to go on a stag weekend in Riga - apart from the sensational nightlife, amazing city surroundings and obliging locals - is the opportunity to get involved with things you just don't get to do in the good old UK. Like blasting the living daylights out of random objects with an AK-47.

Budding Bournes get to pick off professional targets with a range of actual assault weapons, and you'll get the paper crosshairs you wasted afterwards, to prove your deadly accuracy!

Experience the noise, the smell and the kick of the guns you've only ever seen in the hands of action heroes, as you lock and load your way through a selection of legendary shooters, including the Glock; the Kalashnikov; and a genuine Winchester. You'll be quoting every movie under the sun as you pop caps in your targets. You even get to take out grain sacks with a shotgun. That's right - you get to shoot an actual bag of stuff with an actual pump-action crowd-stopper. Yippee kay aye, mother humpers!

You've got 11 package choices to play with, depending on the heat you choose to pack and the number of rounds you want to blast.

Target shooting in Riga includes:

  • Gun rental
  • Professional instruction
  • Protective equipment
  • Hotel transfer
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Pick from one of our Riga stag party packages below

fancy border Target Shooting

Target Shooting

This Package Includes

  • Target Shooting
  • VIP Night Club Entry
  • VIP Strip Club Entry
  • Airport Transfers
  • Accommodation

From £140.00

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