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Tee up – but don’t get tee’d off! Our golf simulator is the perfect treat for any stag who thinks of themselves as a bit of a Rory McIlroy – and you won’t need to hike all the way to St Andrews to get the best links around.

Get stuckinto a stag do cyber golf session. Yes, thanks to the wonders of moderntechnology, you don't have to don the Pringle jumpers and pay a small fortuneto hit the fairways. Indoor golf is, as they say, where it’s at – though youmight not be taking part in a PGA Tour, you’ll be able to strike up the fairwayin style without having to budge barely a muscle. Virtual golf is exactly whatit sounds like. It's like playing Wii, only on a massive screen at a venue witha bar. And we won’t expect you to waggle around those daft Wii remotes, either.

Nostanding around in soggy bunkers in the rain, looking for a ball. Weather ain'ta worry with our golf simulator. Stag do groups can turn up and tee offregardless of what the British weather decides to do.

Incredible Virtual Course

No oneneeds to be Jack Nicklaus. Every member of your group can get involved. Brushup your skills on a virtual course that can be altered to suit different levelsof skill. Yes – there’s still a chance you’ll hit one into the rough, but we’llmake things nice and comfortable for all comers.

To makethings more interesting, you'll have the option to take part in competitionsand win prizes. How many other golf simulator UK providers do that?

Forsimilar fun and games, check out our pitch and putt and genuine golf experiences – if you feel you can brave thebunkers in the real world!

Stag dogolf simulator experiences include:

  • Drink onarrival
  • 2hrs on the golf simulator
  • Buffet
  • Prizesfor the best drive, etc.
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