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The next best thing to the full golfing experience, pitch and putt is a relaxing yet competitive experience which will help ease your team into the second or third day of stag do activities. Whether sandwiched in between drinking sessions or extreme sports, a round of golf putting is just what the doctor ordered. Our doctor, anyway!

Lookingfor laid-back activities for a stag party? Pitch and putt is always good for alaugh and will ease the lads into the morning after the night before. Tee offon a lush green fairway under a blazing blue sky with a mountain backdrop. Itbeats the hell out of soggy bunkers and grey skies back in Blighty! What’smore, there’s no lugging around your clubs through rough and fairway alike –it’s dead simple, and loads of fun to boot. Pitch and putt courses may not beas detailed as, say, Pebble Beach, but for the casual golfers out there, it’llmore than oblige!

Take the stress away with some relaxing golf 

Probablythe least strenuous activity for a stag weekend, pitch and putt is a no-brainerthat will go down well with the whole group. No-one needs to be Jack Nicklausor Seve Ballesteros to get involved. Greenhorns can brush up on the basicswhilst the golf nuts can show off their superior skills or just enjoy a nicerelaxing round in the sun. Job's a good 'un! Golf is easily the best sport forrelaxing and remaining competitive – you’ll need to use the old cogsoccasionally, but it’s not like we’re sitting you down with Sudoku puzzles!

If youfancy yourself a good enough linksman to take to a real course or two, checkout our full golf experience – or, enjoy a virtual trip to the bunkers via ourgolf simulator.

Stag partypitch n putt packages include:

  • club hire
  • golf balls
  • tees
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