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Get yourself down the nags, the gee-gees, the bobboes – you haven’t a clue what we’re on about, have you? We’re talking good old-fashioned horse racing. Always a winner with stag parties, live horse racing is an excellent way to spend the second day of a blisteringly good stag weekend. Everyone loves a flutter on the nags, so round up the group and head for the racecourse for a good old gambling and drinking session. Feeling lucky? Put your money where your mouth is and get betting!

We sortout racecourse entry and extras in advance for stag parties. Horse racingpackages vary according to destination but as a general rule you can expect toget admission and a round of beers included in the price. Live horse racing isextra special – we’ve all been down the bookies once or twice – but this – thisis something else entirely.


Learn the ropes and win big

Gettingto grips with odds and form is surprisingly simple, even if maths is one ofyour primary fears. Odds are simply a way of describing the probability of ahorse winning a race. Any money you win (returns) depends on the horse's odds.Form simply refers to a horse's performance in previous races, its pedigree,and predicts its future performance. Job done!

When itcomes to equestrian related activities for stag parties, live horse racing isright up there with horse riding and horse coach tours. What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon? We’re notexpecting you to pull a Tony McCoy and get riding – take it easy and flutteraway from the side-lines. Whether you’re a lucky sort or you have yet to win onthe weekly lottery, now’s the chance to try your luck in a whole new way.

We’ve gottons of different international twists on the sport, too – why not try horseracing in Budapest, Bratislava or Madrid? Go continental with your bets!

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