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There’s more than one way to have fun on the ice, and we don’t just mean falling over – though we’re sure there may be plenty of opportunities for you to take one for the team during one of our fantastic ice sports!

When itcomes to competitive pursuits, nothing beats winter sports. Stag parties up foradrenaline-charged ice action can get the testosterone pumping at the rink.There are several different games to check out, so round up the lads and spendan afternoon getting aggressive on the ice. Just be careful what you do withthose sticks!

Crank upthe adrenaline with ice hockey. Probably the most competitive sport known toman, ice hockey will definitely get the blood pumping. Split into teams and letbattle commence!

Curlingequipment is also available for those who fancy having a crack at mastering theScots' favourite winter sport. There’s even competitive ice skating and racesup for grabs, too – meaning that there’s easily more than a few ways you canreally show your crew who’s boss on the ice. Just keep your balance!


Settle the scores with an ice-based activity

Always awinner with stag parties, ice sports are well worth a look if you want to keepthe boys entertained without spending a fortune. Get out of the pub for a fewhours, settle old scores and blow off some steam. You don’t have to pirouetteor be Wayne Gretsky to get the most out of the ice rink.

Try ice hockey on its own for a dedicated tournament with all the bells and whistles.For similar fast-paced competitive hijinks, take a lesson from one of the greatestmovies of all time – Dodgeball – and try your luck with a game or two ofintensive ball avoidance.


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