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'Dodgeball is a sport of violence, exclusion and degradation'. You’ve seen the movie. You’ve witnessed the knockout blows. You’re ready to face a load of balls face-on. What better way to keep the lads entertained in the afternoon? We’d like to see your suggestions!

Fire upthe competitive spirit with a stag do dodgeball game! The newest activity onthe stag circuit, this classic team game from the US is a no-brainer if you’reup for fast-paced banter and if the lads aren’t afraid to muck in with someseriously competitive ball-dodging. If you've seen the 2004 movie with BenStiller and Vince Vaughn, you'll already know how competitive this game canget. Split into teams and show no mercy. This is WAR!

Yourgroup will get a proper tournament-style event with a ref on hand to make sureeveryone plays fair. Well, as fair as you can get! Brilliant for banter, stagdo dodgeball tournaments include different games like British Bulldog, Last ManStanding and Wrong-Hand Dodgeball.


Action Packed Stag Do Activity 

Anyonecan play stag do dodgeball. As Patches from the movie so rightly says: 'if youcan dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.' Dodgeball games are high octane, madfun which will bring out the competitive beast in you – what better way to helpthe stags lock horns in some healthy rivalry and banter?

Sweat offhangers, get the testosterone pumping and assert dominance!

If aDodgeball game sounds up your street, you should definitely check out human table football (yes, it’s as bizarre and asunbelievably fun as it sounds). Alternatively, why not take on a sport fromanother hit US comedy – The Big Lebowski – and take to the lanes with our ten pin bowling experiences?

Stag dododgeball sport events include:

  • 2hrs onthe court
  • Refereeand host
  • Allnecessary equipment
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