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What do the lads want? Good food and fantastic baps. Give them both at the same time, with a hearty stag party dinner followed by an A grade strip show. The boys are in for a treat with this one, thanks to top quality boobage plus a choice of stag weekend classics. Get outside a ton of great eats, and relax into the party with the help of Benalmadena's hottest strippers!

You can choose from a ton of great eating options, and there'll be plenty of booze to help all the food go down nicely. Get involved on a Friday night to load the boys up for a weekend of serious partying - or save the classic eats and beautiful boobies for a Saturday night starter, before you get down to the serious business of getting absolutely annihilated and running around with your ass out on the beach. This is Benalmadena, after all - it's practically expected of you!

Food and fanny are the two quickest roads to any man's heart - and as best man you owe it to the stag to give him the best of both, for the last time before he signs on the dotted line! Make sure he gets a proper condemned man's dinner, and a good look at what he'll be missing...

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Meal and Strip Show

  • Meal and Strip Show
  • Airport Transfers
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