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Benalmadena's the perfect place to see lady flesh: wall to wall beach clubs, bars full of hotties and night clubs where the dress code is as little as you like. But there's something about a sexy stripper that just puts the seal on a stag weekend - now what could it be...? Oh yes, that's right. She takes off all her clothes and lets you look at her booty. Start in style or go out with a bang: if you don't chuck a steaming hot honey into the mix at some point, there's something wrong with you!

This isn't your bog standard down the pub on a Saturday night fare. You're in Benalmadena now, home of tanned beauties and spectacular strippers of all nationalities. Forget fat Pat from down your local boozer, or the pasty pretties shivering in the rain back home. These girls are the real deal. And you can book your sexy stripper to surprise the stag whenever you want. Serve her for dessert, or have her waiting at your accommodation when you arrive.

A stag weekend without strippers is like bacon without eggs or a British summer without rain. Make the most of the land of sun and sexy ladies. Just don't tell the bride!

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Sexy Strip

This Package Includes

  • Strip Show Fun
  • Airport Transfers
  • Accommodation

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