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You've danced the night away, blown everyone's minds with trayloads of free shots, and now it's time to find out what Benalmadena has to offer during the day. No self-respecting stag party should pass up the opportunity to get pumped with some classic water sports, and of course you'll smash your hangover in no time once the sea spray hits you in the face...

Benalmadena offers some of the best water sports for a stag do. If you're feeling really delicate, it's pedalo time. Nothing like a relaxing pedal powered cruise around the harbour to get you feeling like you could get a beer without falling over.

For the stag who likes a laugh, try out a banana boat. The big yellow sea taxi is perfect for lads on the lash - bouncy and fun, and you've got a driver in control of everything so there's no need to worry. Basically a massive inflatable fruit dragged behind a motorboat, the banana boat can go as fast or as slow as you like. Expect to end up in the drink. Laughter is guaranteed!

If you're sober enough to be in control of your own vehicle, we recommend a go on a jet ski. Practice your power turns and see if you can hop over your own wake. It's a stag party favourite, and the Benalmadena weather is perfect for it!

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Water Sports

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