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Unfortunately this activity is no longer available, please see the list of other activities available in Bratislava.

Sound off like you got a pair! Stag parties with more sense than the average crew get to come over all warlike without incapacitating the groom for his wedding night, thanks to the legend that is Airsoft. No pain, no swollen family jewels and no accidental blindings. Just adrenaline and warrior kudos. Sir, yes sir!

In the woods outside Bratislava, there's a fully kitted-out Airsoft battle zone, complete with natural obstacles and man-made game locations. Storm the weapons emplacement, bust out your best commando rolls, and - obviously - gang up on the stag for a completely unfair game of Hunt the Groom!

Airsoft is just as thrilling as paintball. The only difference: it doesn't use glass projectiles. Airsoft pellets are classic BBs, made of plastic for plenty of oomph. But they won't leave bruises like the exploding paint variety do. Well, not unless you harry the stag into a corner and unload a full clip. Which we're not telling you to do. Not much, anyway.

Put some bloodlust into your Bratislavan stag party. Lock and load with the boys, conquer the challenges and relax after the fight with a post-skirmish brewski. It'll be like Band of Brothers or Full Metal Jacket. Show us your war face!

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