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An emerging stag do destination, Bratislava is ideal for those who want to try the more extreme activities that aren't readily available in the UK. The capital of Slovakia offers adrenaline rushes aplenty during the day and after dark.

A Bratislava stag do weekend is equally excellent in summer and winter. Try everything from AK47 shooting to winter sports like skiing and snowboarding in Pezinska Baba. Don't pass up the chance to experience Bratislava's erotic entertainment scene. Bikini mud wrestling is on the cards for red-blooded stags and lap dancing club entry is well worth sorting in advance of your big party weekend with the boys.

Up for serious girlie action? You absolutely, positively have to book a lesbian show. Seriously. You won't ever look at a piece of fruit in the same way again. As for heavy drinking, well if you want to go down the classic stag do route we suggest kicking off your big night out with a Power Hour pub crawl. It'll sort the men from the boys in 60 minutes!

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