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Unfortunately this activity is no longer available, please see our list of other activities available in Bratislava.

Lads. You're in Bratislava, home of more epic old school architecture than you can shake a gauntlet at. Forget the traditional stag party dinner. We've sorted you a feast fit for a medieval baron!

We're taking you to a medieval restaurant in Bratislava's amazing historic centre. Bring your best knight costume, knock back a few flagons of ale and prepare to tear a pheasant with your retinue. There's booze on tap, a massive medieval feast and themed entertainment. Expect buxom serving lasses and plenty of table banging!

Our medieval banquet package is one of our most popular Bratislavan stag party dinners. It's the ideal opportunity to dress like a bunch of mentalists, the food's great and the drinks are plentiful. Plus you get to eat by stabbing stuff with a big knife. Hey, we're going for the authentic baronial experience here, lads. Roaring for more wine is practically required. Just don't kill any servants.

Your hearty medieval banquet package includes a three course meal stuffed with scrummy meat and veg, three beers for each squire and a crazy period show. And because you're right in the middle of town, you won't have to do much questing to find the nearest bar. Your biggest battle is fitting in dessert after all that beer!

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