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Riga's Latvian brilliance doesn't stop when the bars close. Behind the picture postcard good looks of the UNESCO World Heritage Old Town and the European Capital of Culture facade of the rest of the city lurks a beating heart of mayhem and madness.

Riga packs more stag party activity punch per pound than most other cities in its class, with options ranging from high class pranks to heart stopping thrill rides.

Stitch up the groom, lose your lunch in a high speed driving or safari adventure, and you can still find time to get to know a bunch of naked Latvian lovelies in a VIP party. Rock on.

And that's just the daytime stuff! When night falls in Riga, all hell breaks loose. Bras go out limousine windows, panties drop in smokin' hot lesbian dinner shows, and the Old Town starts pumping to the beat of dozens of clubs. If you're going to make the most of this massive stag do destination, you need expert assistance!

We've tried everything a stag party can possibly do in Riga, and anything that's epic is on our list. Take a ride to a club in a limo full of strippers. Grab some beers in a traditional Latvian pub. Tour so many exotic clubs you'll forget you've ever seen a girl with clothes on. If hedonism's the name of your game, Riga's the perfect place to come and play.

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