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Probably the maddest activity known to man! Stag do sphering will have you all laughing like maniacs. Fancy rolling down a hill in a giant translucent ball? Who doesn't? Bonkers, memorable and hilarious, sphering (or zorbing) is one of those 'do-before-you-die' activities that's perfect for a man about to be married.

Stag do sphering is all about controlled danger and defying gravity. Like a rollercoaster, only way better. Once you're strapped inside the inner chamber of the ball, there's no going back. Give yourself up to the mercy of science and the ball as it charges down the hill at speeds just shy of 30mph!

Up for a spot of aqua sphering? Find out what it's like to be inside a washing machine by adding 30litres of water into the mix!

Stag do sphering includes:

Safety briefing
All necessary gear

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