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Stitch the stag right up with the antidote to strippers everywhere! His face will be a right picture when he sees what you've got in store for him on his stag weekend.

We can sort you out with any kind of anti-stripper you like: roly poly, ugly as sin or ancient! Catch the groom unawares in the shower, humiliate him in public with a 10 ton monster or whip out the smartphones and capture his look of horror as the ugliest girl in town starts flinging her knickers at him.

Perfect for a laugh, you can book an anti-stripper in several of our stag party destinations. Some of them are local legends, who have been scaring the pants off grooms to be for decades. Cheeky, cheerful and loads of fun, they're the ideal antidote to all that yelling and grabbing!

We can arrange for as many anti-strippers as you like, and they'll usually perform anywhere. Ask your stag party co-ordinator to find you the perfect ugly, hairy or just plain scary lady, and the ideal location for her to get her kit off in. We recommend breakfast time at the hotel for maximum giggles!

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