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Forget the Stig, boys, if you want to show off your driving skills like real men you want a stunt driving package! That's right - we're talking the stuff you see in the movies, only it's you in the driving seat. Rev your engines and open the throttle for maximum stag party action!

We've put together a helluva stunt driving package for all you budding Steve McQueens. During the course of your lesson, you'll master the handbrake turn, the handbrake parallel park, and wheel-burning high speed donuts. Can you handbrake turn your stunt vehicle into the designated parking space like Vin Diesel in Fast and Furious?

You get to go in both front and rear wheel drive production vehicles, on the only purpose built stunt driving track in the UK. When you've burned, turned and slid your selection of stunt vehicles into the annals of stag party history, you'll be in the perfect frame of mind to man up for a final challenge. Who can smash the 'Donut Roulette' with the fewest penalty points, driving insane six wheeler stunt buggies?!

A stunt driving package is perfect for putting the fizz back in lads who've had a big night out. Great for petrolheads, it's also ideal for stag parties that want to please everyone with something that's genuinely fun and different. Pedal to the metal, gents!

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