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For the more refined gunsman, there’s clay archery – take to the range and show the lads just how precise you are, and take down a few flying discs while you’re at it. Fancy yourself as a sharpshooter? Got the warrior stance? Step up to the mark, boys, and show us what you've got. We're delighted to present the trickiest stag weekend activity of them all!

You'veheard of clay pigeon shooting: well, this is the same thing. Except you'reusing a bow and arrow to hit the flying target! Draw the bowstring, track theflight of the 'pigeon' and let loose. If you've predicted the course of thefoam rubber disc correctly, you'll knock it clean out of the sky.

Clayarchery scores over clay pigeon shooting in a number of ways. First of all, youdon't have to wear ear defenders or even have to do it outside. Secondly, youget to watch the arrow all the way from the bow to the target, which adds anextra element of tension and fun. And third of all, there's no wastage. Onceeveryone's fired their arrows, you can retrieve them and do it all again! It’sone of the most thrilling shooting experience days simply because you can cramso much into a few hours!

Prepare to Nock, Draw and Loose

Hitting arapidly moving 'bird' with an arrow is every bit as hard as it sounds. Once youget the hang of drawing and aiming the bow, though, there's a good chanceyou'll nail the target at least once! Listen to your instructor, keep cool, andget ready for the rush of a lifetime.

This is areally original stag weekend activity, available at selected locations.

Alternatively,why not try out our crossbows experience? Or, if you’d like to try outtraditional clay pigeon shooting, we’ll see you right in that regard, too!

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