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Now then – fancy yourself as the lord of the manor? Now’s your chance to stick on a tweed jacket and take on a gentleman’s pursuit that is fast catching on with a younger crowd. It’s oddly one of the most exciting Olympic sports, too! If you’ve never tried clay pigeon shooting before, you are most certainly missing out. Let’s change all that!

The kingof country sports is always a smart choice for a stag do. Clay pigeon shootingis a real crowd pleaser that's suitable for groups of all ages and abilities.Get it on the agenda and unleash your inner country gent with double-barrelledshotguns! Our clay pigeon shooting experience days are a great laugh and eventhe most novice of marksman can square up and get started.

Professional,qualified instructors will be on hand to show you the ropes. Discover how toadopt the right shooting stance and hold the gun without popping a shoulderout. Double-barrelled shotguns are pretty heavy, so you'll need a strong armand nerves of steel to master the art. It ain’t easy to hit those clay pigeontargets – but you’ll get the hang of it!

A Competitive and Adrenaline-packed experience 

A scoresheet will be kept so you introduce a little competition into your stag do.Clay pigeon shooting is about hitting a moving target, which is morechallenging than you might think. Once you've cracked it and scored a kill, therush is super sweet. It's the best stress buster on the planet. Get involvedwith clay shooting today!

For areal twist on the theme, why not try our clay archery or exploding archery experiences? If you’re feeling brave and your stags love a bit of sharpshooting– you could go for all three!

Stag doclay pigeon shooting sessions include:

  • Safetybriefing
  • Full instruction
  • Ear defenders
  • 20-25 shots per person on average.

*Returntransfers are included in European locations.

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