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Dare you enter the escape rooms? You’ve surely heard about escape games by now – they’re the latest craze for days and nights out, and they provide perfect fiendish fun for stag parties of all sizes and natures.

Leave the bright lights and bustle of the citycentre behind and descend into a sinister subterranean world! One where madscientists suddenly disappear after creating intriguing contraptions, andexplorers mysteriously vanish leaving a trail of riddles and puzzles to solve.

These eerie locked rooms have claimed many a stagparty! Will you be the next souls to be swallowed by the escape rooms? When thedoor slams shut you have just 60 minutes to solve the clues and suss out thecontraptions that lead to the exit and freedom.

You can't escape the room alone. You'll need to beall over it like a bunch of badass detectives, hunting for evidence and combingcorners for clues that unlock mysteries. One leads to another and sometimesthings aren't quite as they seem. Pool your talents, skills and knowledge tocrack codes and operate crazy contraptions that lead to the hidden depths ofthe room. Stay sharp, keep your cool and save your souls! There’s a reasonescape game champions are rare – only the best will emerge as the greatest.Will it be you?

A team challenge unlike any other, escape rooms arean excellent choice if you're looking for a balls of steel stag do activitythat'll chill your blood, get the adrenaline gushing and test your wits. Comeon! What are you scared of...?


The essentials:

o    Find the exit to a locked escaperoom

o    Work in teams of 2-5 people

o    Solve clues and puzzles and useingenious contraptions to get free

o    You have 60 minutes to get out

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