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Answer the clues. Crack the codes. Solve the puzzles. Win your freedom! This is an escape game that’s certainly not for the faint of heart – and you’re all going to need to work together to get out…

Can you unravel the mysteries locked within our themed escape rooms? Choose Contraption and dive into the mind of a madscientist. Pick Cryptic and enter an eerie medieval chamber with deep, darksecrets... You’ve never played escape games quite like this, and it’s likelythe experience will stay with you for quite some time…

You'll have to work fast if you want to escape yourchosen room in time. Your stag party has only one hour to unlock the door andget the hell outta there! The clock’s ticking – time to start using that greymatter of yours and to work together to seal your fates.

Walk through the door and jump out of your skin asit creaks and then suddenly slams and locks behind you. Strange contraptionsare dimly illuminated in pools of light. Hidden switches reveal puzzles thatlead to more clues. Secret chambers reveal more mysteries. The devil's in thedetail so look closely...everything is there for a reason, but can you figureout what it is?

Escapologic escape rooms are exclusive to us. Ifyou want something unique, tense, thrilling and a maybe even a little bit scaryfor a stag do, this experience does just the job. Get the hairs on the back ofyour neck up and your heart racing – with sandy parties and ice cold pintstempting you from the evening onwards.

Can you escape in time or will the room claim you?

The essentials:

o    Interactive, incredibly detailedescape rooms

o    Eerie and atmospheric

o    Intricate designs and propscreated by a company that's worked on Doctor Who

o    Bursting with clues, codes,riddles, puzzles and contraptions to build

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