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Who says stag parties have to be restricted to bars, clubs and beaches? Sometimes, you and the lads need to let off some steam – and we’ve got the water sports to really get those veins pumping before you hit a few pints late into the evening.

When it comes to adrenaline-charged water sports,you can't beat cable skiing, water skiing and wakeboarding. Stag parties up formessing about on the water are in for one helluva rush! It doesn't matter ifyou've never tried these extreme sports; qualified instructors will be on handto show you how it's done. You never have to stick to just one water activity,either – take a sample of all of it if you’re feeling brave!

Take a break from the beaches and bars for a tripto an activity centre located on a lake, where you can blow off steam, try somethingnew and have a grand old time messing about on the water.

What your experience will include

The purpose-built venue offers cable skiing, waterskiing and wakeboarding. Stag parties don't have to worry about weatherconditions throwing a spanner in the works. Unlike some other water sports,these three aren't dependent on wind or waves. You'll be towed behind a speedymotor boat or get the power surge needed for propulsion courtesy of electriccables. Sport water activities aren’t for the faint hearted, but we’ll ensureyou get offered the best instruction to ease you into everything on offer.

Feel the adrenaline levels spike as you glide alongthe surface of the water at top speed!

Cable water skiing and wakeboarding stag partiescan be tailored to suit different skill levels. Let us know if the group is atbeginner, intermediate or advanced level and we'll arrange an appropriatesession.

Includes: safety briefing, basic instruction, allequipment hire.

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