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Fancy a spot of stag party jet skiing? Of course you do! Jet skiing is our favourite water sport of all time and supplies a serious adrenaline rush. A classic favourite of just about everyone who’s ever been out on the waves for a thrill or two, there’s nothing quite like zipping across the ocean spray and having a laugh with mates at the same time. It’s the perfect addition to any stag weekend or holiday out in the sun.

Our jet ski hire will see you right – get ready tofly across the surface of the water at a cracking pace with the wind in yourface. What better way to wave goodbye to the single life than with a nice kick from an incredible adrenaline pumping activity? Jet skiing is one of the most invigoratingand addictive extreme water sports going – and you don’t have to be an old handto get started, or even to do well. Let’s face it – even the pros fall into thedrink once in a while.

Speed around the epic open-waters

The best thing is that there are no road rules,speed limits or traffic jams to slow you down! Forget driving, jet skiing isthe only way to travel – and our jet ski hire will show you how.

Jet ski virgins are welcome. Experienced, qualifiedinstructors will be on hand to show you how to control these bad boys. Enjoy asolo blast across the water or race your mates and send the adrenaline levelsinto orbit!

Stag party jet skiing sessions include:

  • Hire of all necessary equipment
  • Safety briefing
  • Instruction 20mins (approx.) on the beast!
  • Return transfers (selected locations)
  • Guide

 *Exact package details vary according to location.In Madrid you will get to spend 3hrs on a lakeside beach at a swanky mountainresort.

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