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Getting tired of downing beers? You never thought you’d say it – but why not make your stag holiday a bit more varied with a trip to a wakeboard trip a few days in? Take a break from the bars and try your hand at one of the fastest-growing water sports for stag parties -wakeboarding is probably best described as a cross between surfing and water skiing. It’s safe to say that this is probably as close as a man can get to walking on water! Unlike surfing, wakeboarding isn't dependent on wave conditions and wind, which makes it far more accessible – and all you need is a wakesurf board and the right technique to really show off.

Grab your wake boards and fly across the surface of the water at top speed, performing turns and tricks - if you're a fast learner (or a natural show-off). You'll be attached to a cable and towed along by a powerful motor boat. Good balance and a tight grip will see you right - even if you can manage one of the two!

Beginner or Pro, get involved in the action

If you’ve got a group of adrenaline junkies to entertain, wakeboarding stag parties are ideal for lads who are always on the lookout for new and exhilarating ways to get their kicks. Give us the nod and we'll book you in for a group session at a quality water sports centre and wakeboard park.

Beginners and seasoned wakeboarders are equally welcome. Rookies can master the basics whilst the experts can show off their sickest moves. Don’t be afraid to look a bit daft – give it a go and see if you can surf away a natural. We’ll make sure you get all the instruction and equipment you need.

Wakeboarding stag parties include: safety briefing, instruction, hire of all necessary equipment and clothing.

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