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It’s the number one beach-based sport, and while it’s probably best known for being more of a spectator sport than an active pursuit (if you catch our drift), beach volleyball can be a great laugh for stag parties of all sizes if you’re taking the lads away for a weekend in the sun.

Top up your tan and impress the bikini beautieswith a few games of beach volleyball – whether you’re a novice or a champion inmaking. Stag parties up for doing more than lying around on the sand all daycan really get the blood pumping with what is undoubtedly the king ofcompetitive beach sports. Volleyball beach parties are still as popular now asthey were back in the day – it was once an Olympic sport, too!

Try one of the best beach sports

It doesn't matter if some or all of you haven'tever played beach volleyball. Stag parties can learn the ropes and rules fromcoaches, who will be around to give you pointers and make sure everything staysfair and square. Men’s volleyball follows exactly the same rules as mixed andwomen’s games – but you’ll need all of your tactical ability and upper bodyprowess to really make those spikes and returns.

Split into teams and show no mercy! Beach volleyball can get pretty competitive. Feel the adrenaline levels soar as youspike the ball and watch your mate's face hit the sand as he tries to save it.Impress the ladies with your amazing sporting prowess and sweat off lastnight's hangover. This is a great choice for the second day of a stag do andwill soon get the boys back on top form. Combined with a trip to a beach bar tocelebrate your victory (or to commiserate your loss), we highly recommend it.

Duration: allow 1.5hrs for beach volleyball.

Includes: coaches, instruction and all necessaryequipment.

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