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Stitch the groom up good and proper with a stag party police kidnap! Cling filming the poor chap naked to a lamppost is passe and won't go down well with the law in most cities. Avoid copping serious flack off the future missus with an ingenious hoax that will have the whole group in stitches.

We sort the whole thing in advance, so no effort is required on your part.

Here's how the stag party police kidnap works.

Take the whole group off for an afternoon pint at a city centre pub. The groom will be happily quaffing a beer, completely unaware of what's about to go down! Suddenly, a van will pull up outside and actors in police costume will jump out and bundle him into the back for interrogation.

The rest of you will continue supping until the stag is released, hopefully with sense of humour intact!

Always good for a laugh (well, for the rest of you at any rate!) a stag party police kidnap will stitch up the groom without leaving any lasting damage. No broken bones, shaved eyebrows or trouble. Job done!

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