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The smoothest of spirits, whiskyis traditionally associated with shitkicker bars, bike clubs and rock n roll. Now, it's also associated with your stag do! Get to know whiskey's sexier cousin intimately in this brilliant afternoon tasting session.

Straight, blended or aged? After a serious blind taste test, you'll be able to spot a quality whisky with your eyes closed. It's all about the smoothness, the level of caramel, the spice and aroma. Actually, it's all about getting six free shots of awesome before dinner, but hey - who's counting?

Rock into a busy bar, own a private area and get acquainted with a lipsmackingly powerful bourbon cocktail to start things off. Your private bartender will pour six mystery shots for each feller in the stag party. Listen carefully to the lecture, which reveals top facts about the distilling, ageing and bottling processes. As you nail your freebies, you'll be tasked with identifying them!

There are hilarious loser prizes for the lads who didn't listen, everyone gets a massive headstart on the night out, and when you finish you're already in a busy bar. What more could a man want?

Whisky plus man equals stag party excellence. Best men, book this and receive guaranteed kudos!

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