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The classic party sport – whether you take it super seriously or just like to see if you can get away with knocking down more than one or two pins at a time, bowling games are fantastic fun – and our ten pin bowling set-ups will have you and the lads roaring in the aisles. Just don’t go wandering into the lanes!

Everyonelikes ten pin bowling. Stag weekend activities don't always have to involvedrinking (it’s true!), but this is one sport in which quaffing a few beersduring play is perfectly acceptable. Keep everyone entertained with a cheap aschips activity that's competitive but not too taxing.

Werecommend this one for the Saturday afternoon of a stag weekend. Ten pinbowling will appeal to the whole group. You don't have to be super fit to scorea few strikes, making this a smart choice for a mixed party of stags. There'salso a bar on site, which never hurts! How many other sports can you readilydown a pint or two while racking up your score? It may even help you out alittle – but don’t take our word for that! Bowling party experiences are alwaysa great laugh and we’ll aim to fit one into your perfect stag weekendexperience.

Compete to be crowned the ten pin champion

Get thebanter going as you split into teams and compete for the honour of beingcrowned kingpins. Keep your eyes forward, stay out of the gulleys and impresseveryone with your lightning strikes. Pick up spares if you can’t makeprecision shots – but you really don’t need to be super mathematical or acomplete whiz to get a laugh or three out of a 10 pin bowling tournament.

For otherAmerican classics, why not consider dodgeball? Alternatively, our truly unique human table football experience iswackiness personified – pick and mix from our brilliant catalogue and see whattakes your fancy!

Stagweekend ten pin bowling includes:

  • Lane hire
  • Bowlingshoes
  • Round ofbeers
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