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Eh, gringo! Put some madness into your stag weekend with a tequila tasting session. After all, how often do you get to bring all the boys together on an epic jolly, no WAGs allowed?!

The format's simple, the effects intense! Rock up to a buzzing bar in the middle of town, knock back a free tequila cocktail and put yourselves on the spot for six shots each, slammed blindfold to see who's got the best taste buds and who's just along for the ride. Though let's be honest, after a couple of hits of Mexico's finest you could be boshing lighter fuel for all the difference it would make. This one's for the hardcore party animal, so light the agave-flavoured touchpaper and stand well back!

To make sure this is more than just another drinking session, we've hooked you up with a genuine tequila expert. She'll teach you how to differentiate different styles, ages and colours, then bang on the blindfolds and see who's been listening! The poorest performers get a massive mocking and booby prizes, and you all get hammered. Nice.

As if that wasn't enough, your tequila tasting session starts with an opportunity to humiliate the stag with a cocktail-based icebreaker game. Bring your most embarrassing tequila-based storied and get ready for hilarity.

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