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Chances are you’ve had a kickabout or two in your time, right? Now imagine that but while you’re basically trapped inside a giant bubble. Yep – that’s pretty much bubble football to a T.

Just thejob for a stag do, bubble football is brilliant for banter – and don’t worry,everyone looks a bit daft. It’s part of the charm! It's five-a-side but not asyou know it! Reckon you can tackle, dribble and score goals with your head andtorso inside a giant inflatable ball? Go on – show us what you’re made of. Zorbfootball, as it’s otherwise known, isn’t for the faint-hearted – we reckon evenMessi would have an issue or two scoring inside one of these!

Bounce,roll and laugh 'til your face aches - bubble football is comedy genius. Thelads are unlikely to have tried anything quite like this on a stag do, which iswhy we’re booking so many of these events right now!

Hilarious football experience

When thewhistle blows, it's a mad scramble to get to the ball before the opposition. Nomean feat when you're wearing a giant bubble! A ref will be on hand to makesure everyone plays fair. Fouling and faking are impossible when you'rebouncing around with legs in the air. That’s right – no magic sponge for youwhen you’re playing bubble ball, sunshine.

Activitiesdon't get any madder than bubble football. Round up the usual suspects, splitinto teams and get stuck in.

If thissounds like it’s up your alley, you may want to give dodgeball – the American classic – or evenhuman table football (as mad as it sounds) a try,too!

Your StagParty Package includes:

  • 1 hour ofbubble football (indoors)
  • Balls
  • Bibs
  • Referee
  • 10 bubbles

If thereare 10+ people in your stag party, the group will get 14 bubbles.

We willnot be responsible for any injuries that occur whilst taking part in thisactivity.

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